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Filter technique - Fast way to parse remote content data

What is filter?

Filter is a list of HTML code like pattern of regular expressions but it's more simple. It is only using $n to define the data fields. GGRBB read text on HTML source code and compare with text in the filter content to extract necessary field.

Sample source code of filter:

              <tr align="right">
                <td class="news-title" nowrap="nowrap"><a href="$1">$2</a></td>
                <td class="news-content" nowrap="nowrap">$3</td>

You don't need to learn about how to write the filter source code. This source code will be created automatically when you create new filter by GGRBB control panel. Just enter the remote blog URL and click “Go” button.

Blog layout - list and detail

List Layout is a web page that you can see multi article items listed here. Each article item is contain standard content elements such as Title, Image, Short introduction text, Read more link, Created date, Author information, ...
List Layout example: http://wp.sendvn.com/list/webdesign/

When you click to a "Read more" link on an article item, you will be redirected to a new webpage, it is called Detail Layout. Full text of article content will be displayed here.
Detail Layout example: http://wp.sendvn.com/webdesign/speed-up-your-web-workflow-with-a-style-guide/

List Layout
Detail Layout
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